Friday, March 30, 2012

I hate 26th March week!

I have got no reason for this blog posting today. Am just in a super foul mood, that everything which I come across is just such a huge turn-off to me. Be it people, emails, phone calls, conference calls, food.... everything I come in contact with this whole week is just plain BAD.

Getting cornered early in the morning is an ARSE. Having people commenting that you look so angry early in the morning, is another ARSE too. Is that any of that person's concern? It's my day, my face, my facial expression, my mood... who the hell are you to ask why am I so angry early in the morning?

I just love to contort my facial expressions! So what?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Observation - 23rd March 2012

I find it hilarious when waiters stare unbelievingly at me, when I ordered for 2 plates of food. They even have the cheek to ask me if it's for one or 2 person. I don't find it insulting, but instead, i find his reaction and response humorous. I am certain he didn't mean to be insulting, when I said it's for myself. I even rubbed my growling stomach and cheekily told him that I am hungry...

Hahaha... This is one of the perils of eating out alone, when you are having a HUGE appetite!

Bon appetite~

Monday, March 12, 2012

Observation - 13th March

"Here we go round the Mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, Here we go round the Mulberry bush, the humpty dumpty officer" - When I was young, I used to sing this rhyme when I ride on the merry-go-round. Merry-go-rounds are horrifying, because it makes you dizzy, but I love the sensation of seeing everything around you twirling like there's no tomorrow.

This brings me to my observation of today. It's no surprise to see why the suicide rates are soaring. When faced with problems, they are faced with no one to go to. Even though they take the initiative on their own to reach out to people, sadly no one is willing to extend you a helping hand. Instead, you are scolded, criticised, laughed at, and even belittled by those who are supposed to be your guardian angel. Or if not, they send you off on a wild goose chase knowing very well that you will not accomplish it, because there is no goose to be chased in the first place.

People like this.. I believe they get a kick out of seeing you going all out, to many places, many different people, asking, begging for information and not getting any. You are a former reflection of who he/she was. And since he/she didn't get it easy last time, why should they make it easy for you?! If they can survive it, why not you?

The suicide and going on a wild goose chase example may seem out of place, but the fundamentals of my example are:

*Consequences; be it positive or negative can be the result of one individual / a collaborative act*

I was sent on an official wild goose chase 2 weeks ago and finally, the chase has proven its worth. However, during the empty-handed period, I felt like I was standing at the edge of a cliff.. the sharp precipice... I was like an unbalanced weight... ready to tip anytime. Everthing else seemed immaterial. No words could describe the frustration, the pent-up anger, the disappointment, the irony of life. Thank god for perseverance and belief in one's own confidence. I finally got it sorted out.

I will never understand what goes on in the minds of people who have chosen the easy way out of life, but I think I do understand the complicated feelings which lead them on that journey.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Observation - 7th March

I notice people nowadays are overreacting to unintentional remarks. Ie. A is rushing off to somewhere and B comes along to ask something which requires proper explanation. A made a brash and blunt remark, as time does not permit him to be all-long-winded. B ends up feeling hurt because A had acted in a very rude manner.

Under such circumstances, I don't think it's fair to put the whole blame on B. Neither on A too. B should have realised that A is rushing off somewhere, and that the remark was unintentional. A should have instead stop B in her steps and tell B that "I would talk to you later".

What I don't understand is why are we taking things to the extreme? There should always be room / margin for error. What happen to the word "Benefit of Doubt"?! Don't they realize that humans are imperfect? Everybody has a temper, they have their good and bad days, they have their own faults.. is it wrong that it gets out in public sometimes?

No wonder public outbursts are so common nowadays. Setting exacting standards on oneself is good. But, it's improper to impose such exacting standards on others too.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shooting yourself in the foot

Life is difficult enough, with the prices of ALL things ever on the increase. So, tell me, why are there some people hell-bent on crating a life of misery for you?

It is ironic when we are seeing messages and articles on how to live life simply. Clear out the clutter, and look for ways to simplify... Sadly, the reality is not reflective of this message...
If I can get to Sri Petaling LRT in 3 minutes VS getting to Sri Petaling LRT in 10 minutes, why should I be instructed to take the 10 minute route? It is RIDICULOUS! Funny thing is, people actually have the cheek to point out to you and say "Hey, you should take the 10 min route, even though I know it does not make sense to waste an additional 7 minutes"..

Bless me for having a high level of tolerance towards such lame answer...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Work - Year 2011

I am still in the office now. Unbelievable, right? This ungodly hour... I am supposed to be home at this time now, having taken my dinner and bath, and relaxing on the couch now. Too bad, fantasies don't always translate into reality... =)

The office is very quiet now.. only me and my music. I thought.. "Why not I pen down my thoughts on what 2011 means to me?".. Here I am.

Year 2011 is probably the scariest roller-coaster ride I've ever had, yet. The number of times I had to endure the extreme ups and downs were so many, that I've lost count. They were so mentally-and-emotionally exhausting. " Are your sacrifices worth it?". "Why do you not stand up for yourself and demand for some attention which you deserve?". These questions never cease to circle my mind, the way vultures do when they chance upon their food.

Each time I get home, the sun has set ages ago. Even the "tai chow" restaurants are already closed for the day. I was struggling like hell, trying to adapt to new ways of working, new environment, new colleagues, new busiess, new ways of evaluation, and eveything else. 24 hours never seem to be enough. And, the work culture does not encourage you to shout for help, when you need one. You will get killer alien stares from your colleagues who are probably irritated with your whiny act. I had no choice, but to do it on my own.

Lots of hard knocks on the head. Bandages are never sufficient. As time goes by, I guess I was emotionally-immunised. Nothing seems to faze me anymore. Roadblocks? Oh well, just work around it. If you fail to work around it, be prepared for your business's wrath. What goes in the right ear, comes out from the left.
Can't get the access to some folder or system? Log a ticket with the IT team, and wait for them to attend to your request. May take up to a week just to resolve an issue. Trust me.... it took a lot of restraint on my part, to make sure I do not end up cussing, without me realising.

Lingo management - This is one of the toughest part to deal with. It still is hard, and I don't foresee it improving, It might get even tougher.. as you are dealing with people from different businesses. Why do I say it's difficult? I'll share a story... I was in a call with another colleague discussing on some work issues. That was when I said "But it's compulsory". All I got as a response was pure silence. That was when I thought to myself "Ooops, did I disconnect the call unaccidentally?". I checked the line, we are still connected to one another. That's when realization hit me hard. "Compulsory is not an approved-lingo.. No wonder you got no response". I immediately switched the word with "Mandatory" and the call turn alive again. *Roll eyes* These are the little things which frustrates and embarasses you till no end, because it's so simple, yet it's effect is so lethal.

Colleagues - 8 of us joined the company at the same time, and it does make life at work more bearable. Because you can bitch with one another about how stupid things are, how ineffiicient systems are, how irritating who-and-who can be, how "Upside" or 'Backside" it can be, etc. Our lunch sessions are always the best time to vent and bitch about stuffs. I consider our group very creative.. we can bitch about everything, from nothing to something... Haha. It makes you snap out of work, at least for that one meagre hour and relax a little. I've come to realised that the support group is really essential to ensuring your sanity..... Thank you guys for having never failed to brighten my day, during lunch... =)

My wish for Work - Year 2011 is that:
- After all the sweat, tears, and hard work, my only hope is that these little things do not go unnoticed, and a simple acknowledgement on a job well done, is good enough to warm my heart, and make me not lose faith in the people working in this company.

*A job upgrade with a high pay is not too much to ask for too...* << All I want for Christmas

Thursday, December 15, 2011


The tip of an iceberg is not reflective of huge chunk of ice which is hidden beneath the calm waters. I can now start to understand the concept of this statement. I just got served with a new piece of demand, and the more I dig, the murkier it becomes. Also, the fact that this concept is so alien to me, it makes it even tougher for me to piece things up together.

This new demand is what we call the "blue sea" concept - The unexplored territories. This new piece of demand apparently is so popular in US and Europe, that there is interest to hop onto this trend and push forward in Asia. The concept is really interesting, but the challenge here is to search for companies with regional presence, and with a really huge non-exhaustive list of products and services.

I am now starting to understand KK's frustrations when KK is required to be creative and always think-out-of-the-box. Time is hardly on my side... A sordid plan with full details should be ready by 1st week of January 2012.

No Christmas and New Year holidays for me....